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Lazy Lazy Timelord

Lazy Lazy Timelord

"A cheerful-seeming woman in red shoes and a tartan plaid dress, with jubilant masses of bouncing chestnut-brown curls and a way with extravagant gestures that, from a distance, made her appear to be declaiming Shakespeare." -Dean Koontz



One nation, under Canada, above Mexico.

with liberty and justice for some 

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"Ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right? Well guess what. He’s dead, too."

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never trust a person who talk to their pets in their normal voice

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Team Free Will alias Team No Self Esteem

AKA Team I Hate Myself

Team Loud Crying In The Corner

sobbing on the floor

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It matters not what someone is b o r n, but what they grow to be.

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